Sample Syllabi

Theatre 636, Screenwriting
Via lecture, example, class discussion and script writing workshops, instructor Phil Garrett leads aspiring screenwriters through the process of creating a short film script, either original or using previously written material. Students write industry-formatted scripts approximately 30 pages in length using professional screenwriting principals, tools and techniques including story, plot, theme, character development, and three-act structure. In the case of adaptations, students may be required to endeavor to contractually obtain creative rights to the material.

Following initial lectures, the class simulates a screenplay development schedule, which leads students through the process of writing a short script as if it were being developed for future production. To better inform the understanding of screenplay structure and “real world” application of the work, students review existing scripts and complete a script research and analysis paper. Each student writes a first draft, a rewrite, and a final polish of their script. As a part of the development process, students will develop an outline, a treatment, and two short writing assignments that inform and contribute to the development of their screenplay. Students are required to read the screenplays of their peers and any scripts or other material provided by the instructor.
Download Theatre 636 syllabus in PDF format.

Arts College 730, Concept Development for Sequential Imaging
This course is concerned with the cultivation of ideas and problem-solving strategies for the moving image. The use of composition and frame, directing methodologies, editing principles and sound elements will be explored. Students create treatments, inspirational sketches, descriptive drawings, character and object design, storyboards, and animatics as a method for developing and communicating concepts for time-based media.
Download Arts College 730 syllabus in PDF format.

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