Dennison W. Griffith: Another World

Artist and beloved former CCAD president Denny Griffith discussed his final works Friday, January 8, 2016 in the Canzani Center Auditorium. His final show, “Another World,” opened to the public in the Beeler Gallery (formerly the CCAD Contemporary Art Space) opened the same day and ran through March 31, 2016.

An exploration of the work of artist, Denny Griffith.
Co-directed/produced with Andrew Ina.

*The film received an 2017 Emmy Award nomination from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Ohio Valley Chapter.

Beeler Gally Archive – Dennison W. Griffith: Another World

The Astronomer

“The Astronomer” – This lyrical documentary features excerpts from an interview with Professor Tom Burns of Ohio Wesleyan University and Director of Perkins Observatory. The film has screened in Greece, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, New York and other locations, and gained a significant online following in 2015-16.

Directed by Phil Garrett
Camera: Alan Weisenberger
Original Score by Jósep Gíslason.

// 2015, COSMOS 2015 Astronomy Conference, Opening Film, Athlone, Ireland. William Bean wrote to me: “We opened with the film last Saturday. Great reaction whole room speechless. Got everyone in the mood.”
// 2015, 28th Stuttgarter Filmwinter Expanded Media Festival, January, 2015 Patenfilme (Godmother/Godfather) program.
// 2014-15 INTERSTELLAR, Gateway Film Center, pre-show entertainment with all screenings of INTERSTELLAR.
// 2014, COSMOS: Season One, Premiere, Gateway Film Center, and panel discussion with OSU Professor and NASA Astrophysicist, Dr. Michael Stamatikos, and Phil Garrett.
// 2014, Official Selection, Lunacon / New York Science Fiction Society
// 2013, Official Selection, Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival
// 2013, Official Selection, ISFFA, International Science Film Festival of Athens (Greece)
// 2013, Official Selection, Film Festival of Columbus.
// 2013, Opened for GRAVITY, Gateway Film Center, October 7th, 2013 + talkback with Professor Tom Burns, OSU Professor and NASA Astrophysicist, Dr. Michael Stamatikos, and Phil Garrett.
// 2013, Curated Exhibition: “Ad Interim: Process Oriented Works From The School Of Design Arts At CCAD” September 19th through October, Shot Tower Gallery at Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center.
// 2012, Columbus Moving Image Art Review


This patient, deliberately paced video piece captures Robert Falcone’s installation at the Columbus College of Art and Design, Beeler Gallery on April 8, 2016. The subject is one of crossing at the physical point of death, and how it might coincide with what follows.

A live male chorus performed an original piece of solemn, but secular music in a dimly lit space. The open echoic space mimicked a cathedral without the religious trappings. An impression of the immense was conveyed by empty white walls and a ceiling that disappears into darkness. There was only one image, an oversized Montana landscape containing a humble road cross; and one object, a set of performance risers along the back wall. The performance occurred only once, and was followed by empty space and the recorded echo of the chorus’ performance.

Video Director/Editor/Camera: Phil Garrett
Camera: TJ Boster, Sam Gerken

Meet the Phantods

Meet the Phantods is a feature-length rockumentary profiling the Columbus-based independent rock band, Phantods. “If one chooses to wander from the beaten path, they will be drawn to the sounds of Phantods, drifting over from the dark side of the hill. Phantods’ haunting melodies, driving guitars, and masterful songwriting conjure a dynamic, unique brand of music that is palatable to the widest ranges of listeners.”
– Quoted from the Phantods bio.

Produced and Written by Phil Garrett and John Whitney
Directed by John Whitney
Conceived by Phil Garrett

Trailer, 2 min TRT

“The Promising” by Phantods – Music Video