All Things Shining Project

All Things Shining is an experimental, intermedial, dramatic play / live cinema experience, written and directed by Phil Garrett. The first iteration of All Things Shining was created in partial fulfillment of the requirements for an MFA degree in Theatre from The Ohio State University Department of Theatre.

At its heart, it is a story about humanity, as seen through the lens of a man facing his own mortality. The protagonist is Captain Matt Simon, an astronaut leading the first manned mission to the planet Mars. The play travels through time, providing a view into pivotal moments in the protagonist’s past, juxtaposed and interwoven with scenes set in dramatic present. The play acts as a time machine, allowing the audience to travel back and forth in the character’s consciousness and experience in order to gain a whole picture of the protagonist as a proxy and metaphor for their own lives.

Intermedial TheatreAll Things Shining draws on a number of media and disciplines including live performance, film, and performance technologies.
Devised TheatreAll Things Shining Phil Garrett’s script, and was devised by the director and the ensemble.
The Performance – The play was performed on June 14th and 15th, in the The Experimental Media and Movement Arts Lab (EMMA) in the Motion Capture suite at The Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD) at The Ohio State University.

All Things Shining Production Stills Gallery
All Things Shining Development Photo Gallery

All Things Shining Credits

Jon Osbeck and Matt Simon
Rick Napoli as George, The Father
James Aaron Tecumseh Sinclair as Control
Ashley Rae Kobza as She

Special Appearance by
Professor Tom Burns Of Ohio Wesleyan University and
Director of Perkins Observatory

Sound Design, Video Programmer/Operator,
and Special Helmet Lighting Design

Dave Wallingford

Lighting Design – Dayna Schlefstein

Interview Videographer – Alan Weisenberger

Wardrobe Consultant – Rebecca Turk

Video Documentation – AJ Frank, Tom Heban, Kyle Robinson

The Ohio State University Department of Theatre,
The Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD)

Selected Dialogue Adapted From
The Thin Red Line by Terrence Malick
Midnight in the Sunken Cathedral by Harlan Ellison
True Blood: Burning Down the House by Nancy Oliver

Acknowledgements and Inspirations

Terrence Malick, Harlan Ellison, Laurie Anderson,
Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Nicola Tesla,
Rod Serling, Ray Bradbury, Richard Matheson,
The Green Hand, Samuel Beckett, Sam Shepard,
Edward Hopper, Robert Frost,
Biosphere, Moby, Sigur Rós,
Ridley Scott, Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch,
Lars Von Trier, Alfonso Cuarón, Guillermo del Toro,
Ron Fricke, Conrad Hall, Emmanuel Lubezki, John Toll,
Hans Zimmer, John Murphy, The Builders Association,
The Abbey Theatre Company, Mark O’Rowe,
Søren Kierkegaard,
Jason Silva, Eliot Rausch,
and so many others…

Special Thanks from Jon Osbeck to
Jennifer and Ava for their patience and love.

Special Thanks from Rick Napoli to
Penny, Aaron, and Valentino.
Richard Napoli, Sr. in memoriam.

Special Thanks from James Aaron Tecumseh Sinclair to
Cori Sinclair and Logan Grantz,the sparkling diamonds in my sky.

Special Thanks from Phil Garrett to…

My MFA Advisory Committee for their guidance and support:
Prof. Jimmy Bohr, OSU Department of Theatre
Prof. Maria Palazzi, The Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD) at OSU
Prof. Janet Parrott, OSU Department of Theatre
Prof. Mo Ryan, OSU Department of Theatre

My amazing All Things Shining Team of Collaborators:
Jon Osbeck, Rick Napoli, James Aaron Tecumseh Sinclair
Ashley Rae Kobza, Dave Wallingford, and Dayna Schlefstein

The Experimental Media and Movement Arts (EMMA) Lab Team
Prof. Norah Zuniga-Shaw, Department of Dance
Matt, Lewis, Graphic Research Specialist, ACCAD
Oded Huberman, Visiting Artist/Resident Technical Director

The Ohio State University Department of Theatre
Department Chair Dan Gray
Jimmy Bohr, Janet Parrott, Mo Ryan, Lesley Ferris, Jennifer Schlueter, Jeanine Thompson, Mary Tarantino, Stratos Constantinidis, Joy Reilly, Mandy Fox, Nena Couch, Beth Kattelman, Alan Woods, Ana Puga, Eric Mayer, Rachel Barnes, Damian Bowerman, Beth Josephsen-Simon, Jim Knapp, Matt Hazard, Chad Mahan, Chris Zinkon, Dave Fisher, Manny Wilson
and Mark Shanda, Dean of Arts and Humanities

The Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD)
Maria Palazzi, Alan Price, Vita Berezina-Blackburn, Matt Lewis,
David Bertram and Elaine Smith

Professor Tom Burns
Perkins Observatory, Delaware, Ohio

The Ohio State University Film Studies Department

The Builders Association
For the opportunity to learn, for strengthening my understanding of the word collaboration, and for teaching me to trust my creative instincts and myself.
Marianne Weems, Moe Angelos, James Gibbs, Erica Laird
Austin Switser, Dan Dobson, John Cleater, Neal Wilkinson,
Jennifer Tipton, Laura Mroczkowski, and Matt Kargas

My fellow HOUSE/DIVIDED cast and crew members:
Paulina Jurzic, Veronica Falborn, JR Gualtieri
Jess Barbgallo, Sean Donovan, LaToya Lewis

And a very special thanks to Josh Higgason of The Builders Association for letting me tag along, and for the opportunity to learn from him.

Jay Scheib

My Fellow MFAs…
Aaron Zook, Alex Boyles, Alison Vasquex, Ashley Rae Kobza
Charlesanne Rabensburg, Ibsen Santos, Kevin McClatchy
Moopi Mothibeli, Tory Matsos, Marty Savolskis

My students past, who are a constant reminder of why I teach…
Ryan Moody, Ali Woodruff, Tom Heban, Erik Evensen,
Penny Cox, Alex Coleman, Mary Twohig, Josh Fry,
Jane Drozd, Jeremy Baker, Iuri Lioi, Nikki Lemon,
Nakia Deon, John Ishida, Divya Murthy, Margaret Glaser,
Amber Cecil, Reece Thompson, AJ Frank, Kyle Robinson,
and Alan Weisenberger

Yuri Bartoli, Derek Mann, Hannibal Odisho and
Everyone at PDI and DreamWorks Animiation SKG
who taught me so much.

The incomparable Gary Jones.

The following people for their unwavering support:
John Whitney, Clay Lowe,
Robin Post, Jennifer Schlueter,
Francesca Spedalieri, Mike McGraner,
Chelsea Phillips and Andrew Blasenek,
Matt Yde, Matt and Nicolette Swift,
Dino Tripodis, Sean Reid,
Jan Bruno and Bob Drollinger,
and Carolyn Messenger

Finally, A Very Special Thanks to
My Family…without whom none of this
would have been possible.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for
your love, support, and patience.

To my sister, Toni for her encouragement.

To Mom and Dad for everything.

To Hayden and Kate for their constant inspiration.

And to Michelle for more than I will ever be able to put into words.
All is love.

This non-commercial project incorporates images by:
Keiji Iwai Photography, NASA, Michael König,
Sander van den Berg, and National Geographic
Under Creative Commons: The Luminous Landscape and TSO Photography

The events depicted in this live cinema piece are fictitious.

All Things Shining is an experiment
in devised intermedial theatre/live cinema,
written, directed, and produced by Phil Garrett
in partial fulfillment of the requirements
for an MFA degree in Theatre from
The Ohio State University Department of Theatre.

All Original Content, Text, and Images © 2012, Philip R. Garrett

“We must always dream: it’s how we project
distinct and delightful future possibilities in
our heads, so that we may choose
the best of all possible futures,
and then pull the present
forward to meet it.”

– Jason Silva


Keep looking up.




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Hans Zimmer